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Prehnite Cicada Necklace (2)


One beautiful summer day, I discovered a cicada had met its unfortunate demise in my driveway. I took the opportunity to carefully harvest the beautiful wings and immortalize them in a necklace! The wings on all of the cicadas I make are scale replicas of those original, genuine wings from my driveway. Not perfectly mirrored, they delicately wrap the body of the piece, and the stone inside. This one features a stunning Prehnite, and hangs from a fully handmade chain.

Material: sterling silver
Stone Type: Prehnite
Stone Size: 27mm x 15mm
Dimensions: 58mm x 16mm
Chain Type: custom link alternating ovals and double circles
Chain Width: 6mm
Chain Length: 19"
Finish: brushed, antiqued, tumbled
Weight: 21.58g

This handmade piece is a one of a kind! I will continue to make cicadas, but each will have it's own facial pattern, and unique stones will ensure no two pieces will ever be exactly alike! Many of the stones I use are completely unique, and while I may be able to source the same variety of stone, I will not be able to duplicate exact colors, patterns, or other variations for future designs.

If you are interested in having this piece made in a different size, with different stones, or in a different metal, I'd be happy to discuss creating a custom piece for you!

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