We only get one planet, and I happen to like the one we’ve got, so I do everything I can to protect it!

Your jewelry will be shipped in a box appropriate for safety during shipping, and perfect for storage or other reuse!

My boxes use recycled paper (100% post-consumer fiber) over a 100% recycled cardboard box (made with 90% post-consumer fiber and 10% pre-consumer fiber).

My box inserts and white tissue paper are made from no less than 30% post-consumer paper.

My brown kraft paper used as packing material is frequently reused from shipments I receive, but any kraft paper I purchase is 100% recycled.

The ocean-themed tape I use on the outside of the box is brown kraft paper tape that is completely recyclable. 

If you happen to get bubble wrap or other plastic packing materials, it is because I am reusing material I received in a shipment- I encourage you to reuse it as well! It can take some plastics up to 1000 years to decompose in a landfill, if they don’t end up in the ocean first, so we must all do our part to protect our planet!