Allie Perry Designs

Peacock Feather Oval Frame Drop Earrings


I love peacock feathers!  These were tricky to make and will be delicate to wear, but I am in love with the movement of each individual feather.

Material: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 46mm x 24.2mm 
Earring Type: French Hook
Finish: Antique, Tumbled
Weight: 9.53g

Be advised:  The Peacock Feathers within the Quill Collection are very delicate, with finely-cut, curved elements protruding at different heights and angles.  As such, they will be more prone to catching on knits, bulky clothes, and hair. While you are free to enjoy them as you wish, it is my recommendation that they be worn on smooth fabrics or bare skin, or with your hair up.

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