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"Octothorpe Three" Antique Typewriter Key Pendant


 Did you know I collect antique typewriters?

I love how they look, how they sound, and how it feels to press each key with purpose to type a letter.

These pendants let you carry a bit of nostalgia with you wherever you go, with genuine keys showing white text on a black background.

I promise no viable antique typewriters were harmed in the making of this collection.  These keys were harvested from typewriters that were past the point of repair.

These are genuine typewriter keys, and as such they may have imperfections like nicks or scratches sustained through years of use.  They are sold as is. If you'd like additional photos before you commit to a purchase, feel free to ask.

A note on care: Do NOT get these pendants wet!  There is paper inside each key that would be damaged by liquid. Simply wipe clean with the included polishing cloth.

Chain Sold Separately

Material: Sterling Silver
Stone Type: Antique Typewriter Key
Stone Size: 15mm
Dimensions: 25.2mm x 20.4mm
Chain Type: Sold separately; add to cart below. Shown with 1.5mm Cable Chain
Finish: Antiqued, tumbled
Weight: +/- 5.25g

This handmade piece is a one of a kind! Even if I make something with a similar shape or layout, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike! Many of the stones I use are completely unique, and while I may be able to source the same variety of stone, I will not be able to duplicate exact colors, patterns, or other variations for future designs.

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