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Labradorite Pendant


I think the best part of any labradorite is the flash, and this piece has great flash!

Note: This specific stone has some fissures and crystal structures within the stone that may look like small cracks or blemishes, but these are completely natural quality characteristics that were formed in the stone as it was created by the earth.

This piece is sold "as is", so if you'd like additional photos or videos of the stone before you make your purchase, I am happy to send them along!  Simply reach out to info@allieperrydesigns and let me know you'd like additional images.

Chain sold separately.

Material: Sterling Silver
Stone Type: Labradorite
Stone Size: 35.8mm x 29.7mm
Dimensions: 45mm x 33mm
Chain Type: Sold separately; add to cart below. Shown with 1.7mm Cable Chain
Finish: Polished, Antiqued
Weight: 19.48g

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