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Interlocking Spiral Pendants


These pendants feature spirals that boast individual finishes and the ability to interlock with each other. They're sold as a set! Want to be able to change up your look? Keep them both! They're also perfect for you and a friend- each spiral looks beautiful by itself, but you will each know that your spirals were made from the same piece of metal, and they fit together perfectly!

See full product details below.


Material: Sterling Silver
Stone Type: -
Stone Size: -
Dimensions: Approximately 27mm x 23mm
Earring Type: -
Chain Type: Cable
Chain Width: 1mm
Chain Length: 18"
Bracelet Size: -
Ring Size: -
Finish: High polish; antiqued, satin
Weight: Approximately 2.5g for each spiral

These items are made to order, one set at at time, to ensure that your interlocking pieces are made from the same piece of metal and that they interlock correctly. They ship in 1-3 business days unless otherwise specified.

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