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Ancient Roman Glass #5


This glass is dated between 50BC and 100AD!

Each of these glass pieces is unique, with beautiful and unique textures and patina on all sides.  Since each side is different, I designed the pendant so it can be worn with either side showing!  Pick your favorite and wear that side forward all the time, or show off a different side every time, it's totally up to you.

Take note of how the colors change when placed on different backgrounds- the glass is translucent in places, and transparent in others, so it will take on the color of whatever is behind it.

The patina will look different from different angles, and in different lighting, much like a soap bubble!

The colors are extremely difficult to capture in photography, so please feel free to request additional photos.

If you follow me on social media, you know that I accidentally dropped this piece and broke it in two!  Instead of giving up on the broken pieces, I opted to join the glass with a 14k yellow gold Kintsugi-inspired repair, honoring the belief that things can be more beautiful for having been broken.


Material: Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold
Stone Type: Ancient Roman Glass
Stone Size: 28.6mm x 28.2mm
Dimensions: 33.7mm x 20.3mm
Chain Type: 1.1mm Cable Chain
Chain Length: 1.1mm Cable Chain
Finish: High Polish
Weight: 4.04g excluding chain


Caring for your Ancient Roman Glass:

•avoid impact

•do not soak the glass in anything, or you may damage the patina

•store the pendant in the box I provide so it doesn't get hit by anything else in your jewelry box

•try to avoid getting any chemicals on the glass, including lotions or perfumes

•some bits of patina may flake off with normal wear

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